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Vicky Omifolaji


Private Achievement Coach

Clinical Adversity Specialist

Phase 1: Personal counseling to help OVERCOME any existing adversity, challenge or traumas.

Phase 2: Professional coaching and mentorship for helping people GROW and ACHIEVE their goals and dreams.

"Overcome ANY adversity, and achieve FAR MORE than you can dream possible!"


Thank you so much Vicky for all the support. I am doing well

   David Ho 


I work with individuals, couples, and groups in the following areas to help bring about their desired positive changes:
  • Relationship issues

  • Dealing with grief and loss

  • self-esteem

  • women's health

  • addiction

  • body image

  • life crisis



Why choose me as your therapist?


I have almost 15 years experience in counseling individuals from diverse backgrounds, ages, races, and cultures.


As an accredited Mental Health Social Worker, I am capable of delivering Focused Psychological Strategies.


I have the same goals to address my client's concerns and use the same tools as any counselor, but I bring in my own flavour which is the social work framework, a holistic view of well-being, looking at 'the big picture' as I believe that 'you are more than your symptoms or your diagnosis'.


I am an Author of 9 books including a best seller titled Positive Self-Esteem: A Guide to a Better You, Claim the land and When Parents Separate - Easing the Trauma for Children.

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  1. If you are ready to make an appointment or want to book a free 10 minutes telephone consultation, call now on 1300850839.

  2. To learn more about me and my approach, please call on 1300850839.

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Vicky, my life hasn't been the same since I started working with you. You have empowered me to face and deal with my issues. I am now using what I learnt from my sessions with you on my day to day basis. Thank you so much, Vicky.


Heather, Moe


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