10 Signs your teen could be suffering from depression

Yes sulkiness and moodiness is something you expect your teen to go through due to raging hormones but how do you decipher if your teen is depressed or suicidal? Below are some signs to watch out for. 1) hostility - if your teen becomes dangerous, hostile or extremely sensitive to rejection, all these May be signs of inner turmoil. 2) physical pains and aches - if your teen is persistently complaining of stomach aches, backaches or headaches, watch out because your teen may need professional help. 3) changes in sleeping habits - lack of energy, sleeping all night regularly or extreme fatigue are all signs to watch out for. 4)feelings of apathy - if your teen is showing lack of interest in activities or sports that he or she was once excited about; if your teen shows a disinterest in schoolwork or friendship, all these are signs of a deeper emotional problem. 5) anxiety - exhibition of anxious behaviours including avoiding school, inability to concentrate, difficulty in making decisions. 6) withdrawal from friends and family - if your teen completely isolates himself or herself and start having relationship issues with friends and family, these are signs of depression which with communication can be of so much help to your teen. 7) excessive sadness and hopelessness - if your teen expresses feelings of extreme sadness and hope lenses for more than two weeks, this is more than hormone issues. 8) preoccupation with dying - expressing suicidal thoughts or engaging in self harm activities like cutting etc, it's time to seek help immediately. 9) irresponsible behaviour - a teen who is disregarding authority, skipping school, using drugs or engaging in promiscuity; all these should raise red flag. keep alcohol and prescription medications out of reach. 10) loss of appetite or eating excessively - excessive eating or lack of appetite that causes significant weight changes can be a sign of depression.

Communication is very improtant in helping your teen during times like these. Getting proffessional help for your teen is likely going to assist your teen to open up and learn different strategies and skills to manage emotions.

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