Ways to Silence Inner critic or self criticism

What is self criticism? This is an anger turned inward when sufferers are filled with hostility but too afraid and insecure to let it out. Persistent self criticism often goes hand in hand with depression and anxiety. Steps to take includes.....

1) monitor your thoughts Jotting down your self critical judgements for instance "I am a loser", "I am stupid", "I am ugly". By writing these thoughts down, it may help to decrease the intensity and the frequency. Also note the situations in which these feelings occur and see if you can spot pattern. 2) examine your judgements Check to see if your standards are arbitrary or fair. Do you have any evidence to support the way you are thinking? A patient said to me once " I am a looser" so I asked him " what dies a looser look like to you". He described a guy in sweatpants sitting around the house drinking beer and smoking weed all day. I then asked him " is that who you are?. He answered "no". 3) challenge the negative thoughts Keep a list of your achievements on a card and whenever self-criticism threatens to overwhelm you, pull your card out. 4) conviction or condemnation Is your inner dialogue full of criticism or convicting you? For instance, if you overeat at a party and your inner critic says to you "you are a fat pig" this is condemning but if your inner voice says " I have had a bit much more than I really want to have; I ll start eating better tomorrow, this is conviction. Focus on improvement rather than put yourself down. 5) re-evaluate your values Always make sure that whatever you are beating yourself up about is worth striving for. Some people think by getting plastic surgery, they will be more loveable or have more friends. It is more realistic to be loveable by doing loveable things. Breaking the habit of self criticism can pay big dividends in mental and physical health. As your thinking improves, your immune system improves and then your digestion gets better. You may find that you have a mental and emotional energy left over to do other things like helping people in need.

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