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  • I work with adults and young people with a range of mental health issues including mood disorder, anxiety, and other related disorders.

  • I have extensive experience in working with people who have addiction issues and self-harming behaviors

  • I work with women who are experiencing intimacy issues

  • I provide geriatric assessment and management

  • I provide counseling and support 

  • I work with individuals, couples, and family.

As an accredited Mental Health Social Worker, I am able to provide counseling services under Better Access to Mental Health Initiative for which a Medicare is available. 

For you to be eligible for this, a referral from your GP is necessary.

I am able to offer bulk billing services for those experiencing financial difficulties, senior citizens, and low-income earners. 

Psychosocial Services

Clarity, BalanceGoal Work, Life, Family, Breaking Through Barriers.


I offer a dynamic and holistic approach to psycho-social issues. This is a service provided to an individual, family, or group for the purpose of improving well-being, alleviating distress, and enhancing coping skills.


This service includes screening, psychosocial assessment,
planning, counseling intervention based on a counseling service plan, and follow-up.

My team and I offer a range of consultancy services which includes:
  • Alcohol and Drug Assessments
  • Drink Driving Education
  • Community-based treatment for offenders, assessment, court-report writing, and pre-sentencing services.
  • Psychoeducational Treatment