Skype Counseling available
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E-Counselling Terms and Conditions.

Prior to starting e-counseling, you acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions and thereby been informed about what is involved.


By choosing to participate in e-counseling, and signing off that you have read these terms and conditions, your consent is assumed. You can stop the process at any time because you pay for one session at a time. It is also assumed that you are acting honestly and representing yourself accurately.


Participating in e- counseling sessions over the internet with Vicky Omifolaji is as if you are participating in a counseling session with Vicky Omifolaji in her offices in Nigeria, Galway Ireland, or Victoria, Australia.



Email us:

It is important to know that E-Counseling sessions can be:


  • a one-time consultation - pay for one single session at a time

  • a short series of sessions

  • ongoing for as long as you feel is necessary, depending upon your needs

  • Each email session consists of your email and the reply.

Information to Include in your first contact:
  1. Full name, phone number, and address are preferred, but not essential

  2. An e-mail address that you want to use for sessions - ensure it is private and not accessed by others at work or home

  3. Age, gender, and family composition

  4. Main concern bothering you at this point in time

  5. The effects of this problem on your life

  6. Length of time that this problem has been in your life

  7. Ways you have attempted to deal with identified problems: what has helped you cope and what has not helped?

  8. Any previous experiences with therapy?

  9. Relevant background information that might help me understand your situation more fully such as occupation, education, career path, personality style, significant relationships, family and cultural background, important values or beliefs, stresses, losses or changes in your life, supports in your life

  10. Other challenges you are trying to deal with in addition to your main concern

  11. What do you hope to get from online counseling?

  12. At the end, summarize your most pressing need or question at this point in time.